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With more people participating in sport and exercise, there is an increasing demand for professional care.

Massage has been used in most cultures since early civilisation and has had a long tradition of use in sport. 


The benefits of massage include:

  • Improved stretching of tendons and connective tissue.

  • Relief of muscle tension and spasms. 

  • Pain relief.

  • Reduction in recovery time.

Massage is also commonly assumed to enhance muscle recovery from intense exercise, principally because it speeds up muscle blood flow to the tissue. This also results in an increase of muscular pliability and elasticity, which increases muscular flexibility and range of motion. Increased range of motion and flexibility reduce the risk of hyperextending the muscles, thus preventing injury to the tissues.

D1 Sports Therapy works with each individual, by breathing new life into their muscles, helping them achieve even greater results. See and experience the benefits yourself. Run faster, be stronger, be healthier. 

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