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An estimated 137 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury in the UK in 2016.

Minor illnesses (such as coughs and colds) accounted for the most days lost due to sickness in 2016, with 34 million days lost (24.8% of the total days lost to sickness) followed by musculoskeletal problems (including back pain, neck and upper limb problems) at 30.8 million days (22.4%)


Your company has the option to choose specific massage treatments that will leave your employees recharged, happier and delivering more. Employees that feel valued and rewarded work with energy and increased productivity. Offering your employees on site massage therapy not only keeps them fit and focused, but helps your business to run smoothly and efficiently.


What you will notice from on-site massage therapy:

  • Lower absenteeism rates

  • Fewer employee sick days

  • Improved morale, greater self-esteem and lower stress levels

  • Greater concentration, work focus and commitment

  • Increased productivity and performance

  • Retention rates will increase


D1 Sports Therapy Ltd works with companies of any size, no workforce is too big or too small. As a company why not make an affordable investment in the wellbeing of your employees. D1 Sports Therapy Ltd can be your onsite wellness partner and implement a bespoke program that is best suited for you.


Corporate Massage Pricing

  • 7 hrs ONLY £350

  • 4 hrs ONLY £240

  • 2 hrs ONLY £140


(We charge for a fully qualified and insured therapist to attend. A full day – 7 hours could see a total of 21 staff being treated by a therapist).


Discounts available for regular bookings are as follows:


Save 20% weekly

  • 7 hrs ONLY £280 

  • 4 hrs ONLY £192

  • 2 hrs ONLY £112


Save 15% fortnightly

  • 7 hrs ONLY £297

  • 4 hrs ONLY £204

  • 2 hrs ONLY £119

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